Geoffrey C. Plank - Consultant, Capital Markets - Financial Communications

Geoffrey is an accomplished entrepreneur and corporate communicator, expert in financial communications, investment analysis, corporate messaging and crisis management. He has applied these abilities in business development, capital formation, public and investor relations, and high-tech retail in a multifaceted career spanning more than 30 years.

Prior to founding the capital markets advisory firm, CMA, in April 2016, for 10 years he served as a managing director of a leading investor relations firm, where he oversaw the communications and capital funding campaigns for more than 165 clients, including responsibility for all strategic messaging, collateral production, and related account manager training. Having played an integral role in growing the firm from five to 45 active clients, and staff from four to fourteen, he understands the challenges of growing a small business, from managing human and capital resources to deploying policies, technology and practical solutions that provide for business growth and success.

Earlier, he was principal of a consultancy for socially responsible start ups, including (1999) and the Hothouse Project (2001), and was the co-founder of two highly successful financial communication firms in Boston (1992) and West Palm Beach (1995).

Altogether, he has led more than 250 investor relations campaigns involving more than $2.6 billion in capital formation, M&A and divestitures for dozens of private and public companies. He made his first mark on the financial community in the early '90s as managing editor of the venerable micro-cap newsletter, OTC Growth Stock Watch, which was regularly quoted by Fortune, Barron's and Investor Business Daily, and featured on CNBC.

He began his career as a founding partner and manager of the highly-acclaimed San Francisco Bay Area retail chain, ComputerWare, which was twice highlighted in Inc. Magazine's list of 500 Fastest Growing Privately-held Companies, once ranking 5th. ComputerWare was also recognized for its superior customer service in Guy Kawasaki's seminal book on marketing, "The Macintosh Way." A Michigan native, he proudly embodies the Midwestern values of hard work, conscientiousness and persistence.